The Perfect Galentine's Day Gift

How pretty is Madi in our Nora robe? We love this print so much, it's so sweet and girly without being floral and fussy. It's kind of perfect for Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day...and honestly every day!

Nora robe
Nora robe
Nora robe
Photos by Braja Mandala  Makeup by Shilpa Thomas  Shop this Robe 

Dulhan Mugs

Start your wedding day - and every day - with a little sparkle. This adorable 11oz mug features a gold glitter script "dulhan" so there's no mistaking the bride's morning coffee or chai. Glitter is proven to help get through monday mornings with ease. 


dulhan mug bridal shower gift

These adorable mugs are Microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended. Buy the Dulhan Mug here

Bridesmaid Robes: Gift or Prop?

Are bridesmaid robes a gift? Or are they just a prop for your getting ready photos? 

bridesmaid robes


A time-honored part of the bridesmaid experience is wearing whatever dress the bride selects. The last thing you want her bridesmaid to feel, however, is that she’s a photo prop while getting ready. She’s a member of your bridal party because she is important to you, so make sure she feels it with the gift you give her!

Here are some tips on how to do bridesmaid robes right:


Bridesmaid Robes Getting Ready Gift 

1. Think about the fit


The most common complaint from bridesmaids is that the robes they receive don’t stay closed in the bust area, and they feel exposed. Not a good feeling especially when there is a photographer documenting every wardrobe malfunction in your half-getting ready state. With a “fit and flare” silhouette, interior ties, an attached side tie that won’t slip or roll, bust shaping darts, and a six-paneled flared skirt, PajamaSutra robes fit securely. And not every bridesmaid feels comfortable with an above-the-knee hemline. When in doubt - ask what she prefers! PajamaSutra robes are available in two lengths, and can be customized as well. Our A-line wrap-dress silhouette is perfect for flattering all body types, and custom maternity and plus sizing is available. 



2. Shop like its her birthday


A good rule of thumb for any bridesmaid gifts is to shop for her like its her birthday. Avoid the lower quality, inexpensive robes found online and think about her personal taste. Is she a floral girl? Does she hate pink? If you think about each of your ladies individually and come up with a print that each would love, then you will end up with a palette of mix and match gorgeousness that’s reflective of their individuality - and looks even prettier and more meaningful in photos than the matchy-matchy look.  PajamaSutra robes are a gift in itself - we include a lovely scroll message, chocolates, gold “goddess” tattoos, and press our robes with rose water for an incredible scent. 


Bridesmaid Gift scroll note


3. Keep it personal…but don’t personalize!


Most robes that have “bridesmaid” in rhinestones written on it will likely not be worn again, so it really doesn’t make it much of a gift she will appreciate long-term. Monogramming is a better choice, but stick to first names as initials can change in the future. Another way to add personalization is with customized tote bags! Totes are an cost-effective way to add a fun - and functional - packaging layer to your gift.
The very best way to personalize? Write a sweet, heartfelt note with your gift that conveys how special your bridesmaid is to you. 


Little Mommy Photo Session

Flower Girl Robe Block Print


Flower Girl Robe Block Print Cotton


Flower Girl Robe Block Print


Flower Girl Robe


Flower Girl Robe


flower girl in mom's heels robe


Flower Girl Robes


little mommy brushing hair


Flower Girl Robe


Mommy and Me Robes


When we wrapped up our last Mommy and Me photo session with Ami and her sweet daughter last month, my eight-year-old asked (demanded) that we do our own photo session - hair, makeup and all.

With plenty of giggles, tickles, and snuggles, the girls were the best little mommies to their dolls (who also wore matching PajamaSutra robes!)


Thank you Lindsay Herkert for these amazing photos and the best Mother's Day memories! xo

Mother's Day Matching Mommy and Me Robes





Mommy and Me matching robes for Mother's day


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes louboutin heels


mother's day matching robes louboutin heels


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


mother's day matching robes


These two! Such a fun morning with this sweet duo. Cuddles, curlers, and lots of kisses. 

Ami and her sweet baby girl are wearing our mommy and me set in Jaipur Rose, one of PajamaSutra's original prints and back this year for our 10 year anniversary!

All our Mommy and Me sets are pressed with organic rose water prior to shipping and include a special gift for mom and daughter!

Our little girl robes can also be ordered individually, perfect for flower girls and junior bridesmaids!

Images by Life Iz Photography

Shop this set here




Tips for Gorgeous "Getting Ready" Photos

Those special moments before a bride-to-be becomes a mrs can be the most cherished moments of her wedding day. From the sweet anticipation to the glamorous transformation - and all the fun moments with your bridesmaids in between - its important not to overlook your wedding morning photo list with your photographer.

Here is a list of must-shoot photos for your getting ready session, as well as a few tips to help set the stage for gorgeous shots:

Bride Getting Ready

1. The Relaxed Bride Shot

With bubbly in hand and an easy laugh, this shot captures a fun, relaxed vibe in such a beautiful, glamorous way. TIP: One of the best ways to create a relaxed atmosphere is with music. Set the vibe in your getting-ready suite with a bluetooth speaker and one of your favorite playlists. 

Photo: Tom Cisneros

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Bride Getting Ready


bride makeup hair robe

2. The Glam Close-Up

Your make-up is fresh and flawless, and now is the perfect chance to go for an ultra-glam goddess shot! TIP: Good lighting, and a simple background is key for this shot. Your make-up artist will likely position you in the spot with the best natural light anyway, but mention to your photographer that you'd like a photo with a very minimal background.

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Photo: Tom Cisneros / Alisha Crossley 

Bride and Bridesmaids


bride and bridesmaids laughing getting ready3. The Informal Group Shot

All your ladies in one shot, and none of them, including you, looking at the camera! It is a fun way to capture the atmosphere, and while it may not end up framed in your living room, you will treasure candid images like this!

Photos: Nicole Goddard / Ira Lippke Studios

Bride and Bridesmaids


bridesmaids in robes outdoors

 4. The Group Shot

This is a must-have shot, and not just once, but at least twice - first in your robes, and then again later all dressed up! TIP: This is a great shot to take outdoors, which can add to your timeline. Set aside a few extra minutes to take a few images outside the getting ready room while the ladies are still in their robes, and then retake the images in the same spot when the ladies are in their dresses. 

Photos: Nicole Goddard / Alisha Crossley 

bridesmaids first look
5. First Look with Bridesmaids

Everyone loves the first look photos with the bride and groom, but don't forget the first look with your bridesmaids - those reactions are priceless!  

Photo: Alisha Crossley

Bride and Flower Girl
6. With The Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids

Be sure to take a few shots with the youngest ones in your bridal party! TIP: Don't forget matching robes for your little ladies!

Shop our flower girl and junior bridesmaids robes here

Photo: Robyn Rachel Photography

bride reading note from groom

7. The Love Note

Passing notes was never more romantic and sentimental! Be sure your photographer captures this precious moment as you read your groom's words to you. TIP: water-proof mascara! Also, before sending your note to your groom, spritz it with your favorite perfume. Read more about writing the perfect love note

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Photo: Lin and Jirsa


bride mehndi hands with jewelry

 bride henna mehndi hands ring

 bride mehndi hands bangles8. The Jewelry and Mehndi Close-Up Shot 

Though your gorgeous, intricate bridal mehndi deserves a close-up all on its own - add in your bridal jewelry for an exquisite capture. Our Lara, Eva and Tara Bridal Robes provide the perfect backdrop in these images!



Photos: Sachi Anand / Randery Imagery / KSD Weddings

PajamaSutra Spring Bridal Shoot

Our Spring bridal inspiration is all about fresh-faced, natural beauty, statement jewelry, and soft luxury. Take a peek at our faves from this shoot...


Tara Bride Robe, White


Tara Bride Robe, white


Tara Bride Robe, White


Tara Bride Robe, White


Pink Bride Robe


Pink Bride Robe


Sofia Bride Robe


Sophia Bride Robe


Photos: Braja Mandala
Model: Maryam Zolghadr
Hair/Makeup: Beauty By Lishma
Backdrop: Living Wall Backdrops
Florals: Jennifer Cole Florals
Jewelry: Jas and Pal

Bridal Shower Gift Idea


Rose pink bridal shower gift box robe sugarfina

In love with this sweet, girly rose-themed gift box for the romantic bride-to-be! 

Cotton Voile Easter Eggs

Fabric covered Easter Eggs PajamaSutra

Fabric Covered Easter Eggs PajamaSutra

Proof that nothing covers curves better than our featherweight cotton voile. PajamaSutra loungewear is made from 100% cotton voile and is printed in small batches by hand with earth-friendly dyes. Perfection.