8 Ways to Cozy Up Your Guest Bedroom

eight ways to cozy up your guest room

Are you hosting for the holidays this year?
I am, and between last-minute shopping, the kids home from school, sending holiday cards, and about a million other tasks, prepping the guest bedroom always ends up being an afterthought in my house. This year, though, I am determined to make our guest bedroom a cozy, warm space for our guests.

It helps that I have a stash of goodies from fellow small businesses to add that thoughtful touch! 

1. A Warm Welcome

welcome tray

Is there anything more comforting than a steaming mug of chai or coffee on a cold winter morning? Arrange your favorite artisanal blends ready to brew along with pretty mugs, a candle, and maybe something sweet to munch on too. My picks: All Chai'd Up by The Chai Box (I have the decaf version too, for evenings), India Rise blend by the Coffee Sheikh, a cardamom and pepper candle Scrumptious Wicks, Spicy Peanut Dark by Madhu Chocolate (my dad is all about peanuts, and he loves anything spicy!) and a gorgeously hand-painted glass mug by talented mehndi artist Neha Assar.

Find a spot to place an electric kettle filled with fresh filtered water and a french press, and now you can offer your guests a little extra time in the morning to linger in their room without having to come to the kitchen for their morning cup. 

Neha Assar Mug

2. A Bedside Carafe

beside carafe

A bedside carafe is so elegant, and a much better alternative to plastic water bottles. This one features a cup that doubles as a lid, keeping the water fresh all night, linked here.

3. An Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

aromatherapy eye pillow

Traveling can be very stressful, especially during the holidays. Lost luggage, overbooked flights, bad's not fun.This little eye pillow is the perfect touch to help your guests ease into a relaxed, calm state of mind. There's something so soothing about lavender, and the flaxseeds add such a nice weight to this pillow.

Tip: this pillow can be either chilled or warmed for a truly relaxing spa-like experience. 

4. A Well-Appointed Closet

PajamaSutra Robes

Closet space is highly valuable, and you may find that your guest room closet is a tempting spot to store all kinds of things. If you can't clear out the entire closet, then try to leave at least one section free for your guests. I add a set of wooden hangers, all matching (it's amazing how far this goes to elevate a closet space), a few robes (obviously!), a laundry bag in a pretty natural linen fabric, and two small folding luggage racks. Also in the guest closet: an extra comforter, extra pillows, and slippers for cozy feet.

5. An Inspiring Book

Great Goddesses by Nikita Gill

Currently on the nightstand in our guest room is a copy of Great Goddesses by Nikita Gill, paired with a feather crochet bookmark by Kundan Embellishments. A beautiful new book at the bedside might inspire your phone-obsessed guests to read instead. A pair of blue-light blocking glasses is also a nice touch for you guests who refuse to unplug from their smart phones before bed ( On that note, make sure to print out your WiFi password for your guests, because you know they're going to ask.

6. Bathroom Amenities

Kaya Soaps

There are a few toiletry items that are always in our guest bathroom vanity drawer - an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, feminine products, and a small basket of miniature amenity items saved from hotel visits. This year I've added bath and body apothecary goodies by Kaya Soaps, including a soothing comfrey salve, turmeric cleansing grains, a small bamboo mixing bowl, a jade roller, and a scrunchie (by PajamaSutra, of course!). 

7. Bedtime books for the kids

Modi Toys, Desi Babies, Bharat Babies

My young niece and nephew are visiting too, and they love to snuggle up at bedtime and read a book (or ten). They don't always travel with their favorite books, so I always leave a stack of books for them in their room.

There are so many incredible cultural books available now, and I've set out a collection of my kid's favorites - Shubh Ratri Dost by Nidhi Chanani, How Ganesh Broke His Tusk by Avani Modi Sarkar, and Ten Noisy Rickshaws by Reena Puri and Mital Telhan.

8. And the most important....

The number one item I always recommend in a guest bathroom is....a plunger. Some things are better left un-asked for, so make sure you have one, easily accessed, along with rolls of extra toilet tissue!

Lastly, remember to set aside some time for yourself when you’re hosting a house full of guests!

Have a warm and cozy holiday,


Sarena Udani

PS: All the brands mentioned are linked below, and you can mix and match most of them together in PajamaSutra Gift Boxes

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