The PajamaSutra Brand and Founder

The Brand

PajamaSutra was established in 2007 by designer Sarena Udani, who observed many clothing brands and retailers incorporating hand-made block-printed fabric from India into their collections. However, she noticed a glaring omission in their marketing and messaging: the lack of representation of South Asian women, and women of color in general. Recognizing this disconnect, Sarena embarked on a mission to create a brand that uniquely catered to the South Asian diaspora she identified with. PajamaSutra was born as a means to bridge this gap and provide a platform to celebrate the rich culture, history, and crafts of India through luxurious loungewear and gifts.

Sarena believes that lounging is an art form – it's about embracing moments of relaxation and indulging in self-love, even if it is just for a few minutes each day. 



PajamaSutra Founder Sarena Udani