Bridal Swatch Kits

When we first started working with brides to mix and match custom bridesmaid robes, we noticed that the hardest part of the process was helping her select the prints she wanted. We'd go back and forth over email, trying to convey the fabric weight and color accurately on the screen, trying different combinations and making adjustments until she selected a set that's just right.

In person, mixing and matching is actually a lot of fun, and we really wanted to share that same experience with our brides. Doing it over multiple emails was just not the same thing, though. Our brides were just not empowered to choose their bridesmaid robes on their own, and we wanted to fix that.

So we came up with our bridal swatch kits - a set of swatches for our in-stock robes displayed in a custom monogrammed mini-version of our gift box. When a bride receives her swatch kit, she can see, feel and experience the fabrics in person, and play with the colors until she knows exactly which to order. The keepsake monogrammed gift box is made from the exact same material as our larger gift boxes, so she can see and feel that in ahead of time too.


Bridal Party Swatch Kit

The custom monogrammed box is the perfect size to store a mangalsutra necklace, or maybe a love note exchanged with your partner from your wedding day.

Bridal Party Swatch Kit

Monogrammed Bridal Gift Box Mangalsutra

 Each kit includes a sample product from one of our partner vendors to enjoy!


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