Behind the brand: Farah of babydaal granola

One of the joys of offering gift boxes featuring South Asian goodies is connecting with like-minded founders who relate to having a sense of dual-identity. When two cultures come together, the result is magic! Farah's brand babydaal is the perfect example of blending flavors from different cultures and creating something that is much more than the sum of it's parts.

Farah shares a bit about her journey and what inspires her.

Welcome, babydaal!

Hey friends! I’m Farah Nizam Belanger, creator and dreamer at babydaal, Indian Inspired Delights! My gift to you is to experience a taste of my homeland. The spices, the aromas and the warmth which remind me of growing up in my home. To me, living a full and satisfying life includes eating with health, adventure and joy.  Feeding you my homemade granola is me sharing a part of myself. It’s all of that coziness and love I felt taking bites of my mom’s food growing up. I love ethnic food and what it does to the palate. I love savoring every last bite and feeling the effects from my head to my toes. The way it heats the body, the way it blends with the other ingredients and the way it makes you feel when you step away. 

babydaal treats are made with high quality and unprocessed grains, nuts, seeds and sweeteners. They will leave you feeling so happy and satiated. 
As a daughter of Indian immigrants, it took me until my adult life to learn Indian cooking and make adjustments that I saw fit for my family. South Asian culture is exploding with diabetes and heart disease. I’ve seen it firsthand in my father, mother and brother who recently passed suddenly from cardiac arrest. I too, experienced gut and respiratory setbacks for a few years and those challenges have brought me right here. A place where I can be free to experiment, create, and serve others the wellness I have been given from healing myself with food. 
When I’m not baking, you can find me flowing in our local yoga studio, dancing to some 90’s r & b and hip hop or spending time with my charismatic husband, Jonathan, our three sweet kids, Nadia, Isaac and Seneca and friends and family. Connection is everything to me. It’s the foundation of this business and the light source of my life. 

I hope you’ll come and experience this wholesome goodness of small batch artisanal granola baked in Encinitas, California. I have a big smile and if you could see me right now, it’s ear to ear. 

With health, radiance, and love,

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