Sparkle Sari Pins

It's an unwritten rule: No Indian wedding would be complete without the gathering of every young saree-wearing female in the women's restroom, each with a "help me" look on her face as she waits her turn to be expertly pinned up by a saree-expert aunty, a ziploc bag of safety pins in hand. This aunty, by the way, thought she would make just a quick stop to the restroom and instead will spend the entire cocktail hour pinning up sarees.

We love this aunty. And we know she'll be impressed with these gorgeous pins.

These sparkly, rhinestone pins will surely stand out and might even make you look like you know what you're doing. Perfectly pleated or not, your valiant saree efforts will shine with these beautiful pins that are meant to be seen. We think these make the perfect addition to your bridal or bridesmaid gift.

A set of 6 gold-tone rhinestone-studded pins in a pretty drawstring pouch. 

1.75" long