Indian Bride Getting Ready Robe

Indian Bride Getting Ready

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When Kamana's moments before Mrs didn't go exactly as she had planned, she handled it with grace and beauty:

The morning of my wedding – I realized how important it is to take extra care in making sure you feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. Especially since things don’t always go according to plan. I had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding. I can’t tell you how many times I pictured myself walking down the aisle, feeling sunshine on my face and a cool breeze through my dupatta. The week before our wedding, there was a strong chance of rain on the day of our ceremony. While I tried not to dwell on the weather, I prayed and prayed that a miracle would happen and our wedding would be outdoors. The day before our wedding, there was still rain in the forecast. Along with our amazing planner Sagina Wahi, we did everything to try to have our ceremony outdoors. Sagina even personally called DC’s leading weatherman to get the most up-to-date forecast. The morning of our wedding at 4:30 am there was a round of cheers from our photographers, videographers, and makeup artists – the forecast had changed! So we thought. A half hour later, we all collectively realized that our ceremony had to be indoors  – and that was God’s plan. With my makeup almost done, I wiped tears off my face with the sleeve of my bridal robe. The soft smell of rose water brought a sudden wave of calm over me. My mom tied my robe tightly around me and kissed my forehead. At that moment, I knew everything would be ok. Our ceremony was indoors and it was beautiful. While I sometimes still wonder why, I know it’s more important to focus on all the amazing memories. Including how the robes from Pajama Sutra helped keep me warm and comforted during the rainy morning of our perfect wedding.

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