Influencers, Brand Representatives and Content Creators


PajamaSutra Brand Reps 

Hello, content-creating goddess! Thank you for your interest in representing the PajamaSutra brand. 


Before You Apply
Over the past few years, content creators have reached out to collaborate with PajamaSutra, and those who have built a strong, genuine relationship with the brand over time are often the ones selected from the interest list. In other words - let's get to know each other! If you are new to PajamaSutra and would like to represent the brand, you are invited to apply below, follow @pajamasutra on Instagram and introduce yourself by becoming an engaged, active member of the happy to have you! 

Size Doesn't Matter

A high follower count isn't necessary for representing PajamaSutra. Often it’s the micro-influencers with smaller accounts that have the most engaged following. The most important thing is an authentic audience, large or small. 

The Process
If you'd like to be considered, apply below. You will receive an email confirmation immediately after submitting your application, and it will ask you to confirm your email address to complete the application. 

Didn't see the email confirmation? Check your spam folder, or if you have Gmail, check your promotions tab.

Interested? Apply below: