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PajamaSutra is proud to support The Desai Foundation, a non-profit that provides women and children a safe and sustainable livelihood opportunity in rural India.

Women are the first to suffer the economic and social fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the situation is particularly dire in India. In April, The Desai Foundation responded with their Masks of Hope initiative, providing employment to over 300 women to sew and freely distribute over 500,000 face masks from their homes, and each donation helps support this empowering and life-saving program. 

"Through this work given by the Desai Foundation, I too can contribute in the home and meet small expenses... Before, if they wanted anything, [my kids] used to think twice before asking, which they don't do now, and this, as a mother is very satisfying."
- Sheetal

Masks For Hope

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Periods Don't Stop During Pandemics

The Desai Foundation's work to remove the stigma of menstruation and employ women via their innovative Asani Sanitary Napkin Program is truly making an impact in rural communities.

In India, 71% of girls have no knowledge of menstruation before their first period, and some 88% of women and girls have limited or no access to proper menstrual products. Without the means, supplies, and needed support, many girls drop out of school once they begin menstruating. 

The Desai Foundation is changing the narrative with a program that employs local women to manufacture and distribute napkins with over 1.7 million napkins produced. Their model of sales and distribution is what we love the most. While the Desai Foundation subsidizes most of the costs, the napkins are not donated or distributed for as charity, but rather sold. This normalizes and boosts the dignity of the process; this is an important item that has value for both the woman choosing to purchase and for the woman selling it.

"There is definitely a need for charity, I am not knocking charity. But believe it or not, even those people who have nothing want to feel like they're worth something. People want to feel like they are choosing to purchase something. And if you are giving them these things for free, they may not respect those things, so this system helps create respect for these sanitary products."

-Megha Desai, the president of The Desai Foundation 





PajamaSutra is matching donations through December 1st. Click below to donate. Thank you!


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