Single Origin Turmeric by Diaspora Co

Diaspora Co Turmeric


We're so proud to announce that we're offering single origin, organic turmeric by Diaspora Co to our gift boxes this Spring! 

Aside from being gorgeous to look at, this little jar is packed full of powerful health-boosting goodness. A bit more from Diaspora Co:

"Our seeds are licensed and branded by the Indian Institute of Spice Research, a non-profit agricultural research facility that works with farmers across the country to promote sustainable and profitable spice production. Grown in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, by Mr. Kasaraneni Prabhu, a 4th generation farmer- IISR Pragati is organically farmed, heirloom, single origin turmeric, that has a 4.7% curcumin content (read- the good stuff!)."

Diaspora Co Turmeric


Diaspora Co



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