Miss Universe 2017 

What most people see when they watch the Miss Universe Competition is the dazzling glitz and glamour on-stage. It's competitive, and the contestants feel it! Backstage, however, it's a different story - so much of the magic of Miss Universe happens behind the scenes, when the contestants are building lifelong bonds of sisterhood. They're dancing in hotel rooms, laughing, and sharing stories about their long journeys to Miss Universe - and we at PajamaSutra Loungewear are truly proud to be a small part of that incredible backstage bonding experience. 

Now, as the focus shifts to the new class of delegates for Miss Universe, we can't help but think about how the class of 2017 is transitioning from life in the spotlight as the crowns are passed on.

Crown or not, we can all relate to the feeling of facing a daunting transition after a life-changing experience.
We've put together some advice on how to make that transition in a calm, confident, and beautiful way.


Time to Check-In

It's completely natural to feel a sense of sadness after an experience like Miss Universe is over. It's been a long journey, starting from local pageants with years of discipline and training. You are used to high-stakes and intense pressure, but now is the time to decompress, unwind, and check in with yourself. We love the idea of exploring new places during this transition phase- a little wanderlust is good for the soul, especially if you travel with your fellow pageant sisters who are experiencing similar feelings. 

Serve Others

Being a title-holder puts you in a unique position that is ideal for inspiring and helping others. Whatever form of service ignites your passion is definitely worth pursuing during this transition time, and well beyond! Service can mean something different for everyone, and it provides opportunities for personal growth, reflection, and cultivating gratitude - all essential to stay focused and grounded. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Continuing with a healthy daily routine is one of the best ways to honor the years of discipline and hard work that have led you to this point. It may be that you strike a new balance that works better for post-pageant life, and that's completely fine! Wellness is the goal, both mentally and physically, and a healthy attitude about fitness and nutrition go a long way towards a lifetime of good health.

We asked the Miss Universe class of 2017 for their favorite natural beauty and wellness tips, and we've shared them here

Reconnect With Your Sisters

No one understands the post-pageant transition to "real life" more than your newest sisters! With social media, it's easier than ever to stay connected. We love seeing all the Miss Universe reunion posts on Instagram, and there was one that was especially fun to see - a birthday reunion for Miss Universe Bahamas, and all the ladies happened to pack their PajamaSutra robes for the trip - totally unplanned!


Miss Universe 2017


Life is full of milestone moments, and it's such an honor to be a part of these ladies' Miss Universe journey. Ladies, you're only just getting started - while the stage lights may have been bright, the future is even brighter than you can imagine! 



November 26, 2017



Luigi said:

I love it 😍


Luigi said:

I love it 😍


Trisha said:

To me, there is more than glitz and glamour onstage at Miss Universe. The women form a sisterhood and friendships that last a lifetime. I’ve been a fan of Miss Universe since 1975 when I was nine years old and I look forward to this year’s competition. Pageants such as Miss Universe do build bright futures.

john jarre

john jarre said:

muy buen reportaje!!!

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