Miss Universe Beauty Tips

When we asked the 2017 Miss Universe contestants to share their favorite natural beauty and wellness secrets, they responded with amazing tips to keep us all looking and feeling our best!

Take a look at these easy beauty tips you can do at home:


1. Scrub for Luscious Lips

Miss Universe Norway Kaja Kojan
Kaja Kojan, Norway

"One of my favorite beauty tips is my homemade lip scrub. The recipe is: mix sugar, oil and some fresh lemon juice. This makes your lips always smooth and soft so they are always ready for some lipstick or gloss. Two other very important things is to keep my skin clean and always take off my eye makeup before starting my beauty sleep.”


2. Coconut oil and Indestructible Curls

Miss Universe Sweden Frida Fornander
Frida Fornander, Sweden

“Tip 1: Coconut oil is the answer to everything! Ever since I started using this magic, natural oil as a makeup remover and moisturizer, my skin has not only cleared from breakouts, it feels more radiant and glowy!

 Tip Number 2: Many of the girls during Miss Universe were asking me how I get my curls to hold for days, and I always told them to pin their curls while they are hot, and after they have cooled, you can let them down. Just use a little bit of flexible hairspray. No need to wash your hair every day, just touch up with some dry shampoo.

 Tip Number 3: It's really true - beauty comes from within. I eat a plant based diet that provides my body with everything that I need to feel energetic and confidently beautiful! My best advice is to find a lifestyle that suits you, and you should never compare yourself with others”


3. A Sweet Treat for Your Skin

Miss Portugal and Miss Zambia both say that honey is the key to a natural glow!


Miss Universe Portugal Matilde Lima

Matilde Lima, Portugal

“I have a very good homemade mask recipe that I love to do. Only one honey soup spoon and two almonds are necessary to prepare this homemade mask exfoliant. First of all, you need to smash the almonds until you get a very fine dust and blend it with honey. Then, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply gently to the face with a circular massage and let it dry for 15 minutes. Flush with warm water, and it’s done!”


Miss Universe Zambia Isabel Chikoti

Isabel Chikoti, Zambia

“My favourite beauty tip is a 'Natural Honey facial,’ when I studied in the Ukraine my skin was always dry and lacked vibrance and moisture. Natural Honey worked incredibly well for me because not only did it hydrate my skin but it is also antibacterial hence prevented inflammation to fight acne and scaring. When it crystallizes I like to use it as a body scrub as the glow would be from head to toe. Honey continues to be a vital addition to my Natural Beauty Routine. The Natural Honey Facial is suitable for all climates and skin types.”


4. Beauty Rest is Best

Miss Universe Great Britain Anna Burdzy
Anna Burdzy, Great Britain

"I'm always asked on my skin regime and every time I am pleased how relieved girls are at its simplicity! It's important to treat your skin well; always remove your make up before bed, wash your face, drink lots of water and get good sleep. Don't underestimate any of those! Sleep is so important and I literally get every hour that I can. For those that struggle I always find that putting your phone as far away from you as possible works, as well as reading beforehand to help you switch off.”


5. Coconut and Banana

Miss Universe Canada Lauren Howe
Lauren Howe, Canada

It sounds like a delicious smoothie, but it’s actually Miss Canada’s trick for gorgeous hair and soft skin!

“I moisturize my hair once a week with coconut oil in the hair overnight and use a clarifying shampoo once a week / every two weeks to remove build up. Apply a deep conditioner afterwards.”

“For acne prone skin, don't be afraid to moisturize! There's a tendency to want to use all "anti-acne" products when you have acne prone skin, but I truly believe a lot of acne is a result of your body reacting to something - stress, hormones, allergies, etc. Make sure you're still feeding your skin rather than stripping essential oils away. Exfoliating to clear away dead skin is KEY! A makeup artist recently gave me a really good on the go trick:  use a mashed banana or banana peel on your face. It acts as a great exfoliator and moisturizer! Leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinse.”


6. Aloe Vera Miracle Plant

Miss Universe Guyana Rafieya Hussain
Rafieya Husain, Guyana

“My go to for almost anything is Aloe, the natural aloe from the plant. I use it for skin, hair, scars, the list goes on. For hair, it strengthens it and gives it a natural glow without any products or tools. I blend some of the aloe from the plan and add vitamin E oil from a capsule. Then, soak it in my hair for 30 mins, wash and air dry. Everyone has different hair and skin types, so make sure to test a patch at the end of your hair first.”


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Images by Georgina Vaughan Photography 



November 24, 2017

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