Elastic, Filters, and Converting Your Mask


converting your mask

Converting Your Mask

Elastic is convenient, but many find a "tied" style mask to be more comfortable, saving the ears for long periods of mask-wearing. 

PajamaSutra masks are designed so that the elastic is not sewn into the fabric, offering the flexibility to customize the fit. To convert your mask follow the steps below:

1. You'll need a ribbon, cord, or drawstring about 42" in length, and no wider than 1/2".

2. Cut the elastic, but do not remove it from the channels just yet. (If you've already removed it, that's also ok - it will be a little trickier to thread the ribbon through, but it can be done with patience!)

3. Attach one end of the ribbon to the cut end of the elastic using a small safety pin. 

4. Gently pull the elastic out of the channel while it threads the ribbon into the channel. 

5. Repeat on the other side. To loop the ribbon as the photo above, follow this path: start at the bottom of one side, out the top, then into the top of the other side, then out through the bottom. 

Disposable Filters

PajamaSutra masks are designed with a pocket for a disposable filter, which helps improve the effectiveness of the mask. What should you use as a filter? There is no perfect solution, but coffee filters are easy, quick, and effective. Other ideas include paper towels and a dried out baby wipe (unscented). HEPA vacuum bag filters or air filters with MERV ratings are very effective, but use caution as many contain fiberglass and should always be sandwiched in between the fabric, just to be safe. UPDATE: Disposable filters are now readily available online, we love the carbon filters available here

Washing and Care

After each use, dispose of any filters inside the pocket and launder your mask in the washing machine. Machine-dry on a normal setting. You mask can also be hand-washed and line-dried. Do not iron your mask, or use bleach - the CDC confirms that regular laundering with soap or detergent will effectively clean fabric masks.

Important Reminders

Masks are not for children under age 2, or for anyone who has difficulty breathing, is unconscious, or incapacitated. Remember that your mask should not replace safe social distancing. Your mask is not medical grade. 

Masks are priced at cost, and include options for shipping. Click here to purchase

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